My New Doggy !

My new dog is names Seven. I love her so much.
(her sleeping in my bed)


I Love Cheerleading !

I Love Cheerleading ! I have been cheering since I was 5 years old !

Bye Nekia !

I know we been through alot , but im still going to miss you when your gone !
It So Hard To Say GoodBye ! :(


Cowboys Baby !

Cowboys All Day Baby ! If You Dont Like The Cowboys Then Get OFF My Blog !

"My Road"

My road is clear but sometimes bumpy. Sometimes I feel like im not loved by my family but a times I still feel love by many others. Me and my family sometimes get along but sometimes we dont. Since im the oldest I do get blamed for alot of stuff "thats not my fault" but yea im the oldest and i should have been watching them. My road is sometimes clear because I can see my future and what I need to do to make it stay that way.



                                                                                                 Gossip is nothing but RUMORS  dont always believe everthing you here unless you herd it from the person that youre hearing about ! GEE